Get inspired and kickstart your project with Montera templates.

Montera helps you easily manage all your marketing assets, campaigns, strategies, content, campaigns, launches, events, and beyond.
10 templates
Keep all design files, photos, print templates, and digital files in context. Easily prioritize, manage, and approve your tasks and more.
4 templates
Product / Startup
Montera helps you easily manage all your product roadmaps and launches in one place so you can focus on creating products that your customers love.
6 templates
Flexible CRMs to improve your sales process flow. Start with a single, streamlined view of your sales process and give clarity to your team.
2 templates
With Montera’s templates you are able to manage each kind of operations in one place. Start with a template and manage your day-to-day processes effortlessly.
4 templates
Human Resources
An engagement platform that ensure a simple and straight-forward process for your employees and candidates. Choose a template and customise it to your company at ease.
3 templates
Software Development
Montera provides the tools to help every team unleash their full potential by reducing miscommunication and lack of transparency by getting everyone on the same page.
6 templates
Real Estate
Built for real estate agencies of all sizes, Montera templates offer a simple sales process management, property management, and everything else you can think of.
1 templates
Every team has a unique process for their day-to-day processes. Start with a standard workflow, or customise one up to your preferences so that everyone can be on the same page.
2 templates

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