Minor v.4.2.0

7 Jun 2019
• Personalised guest onboarding (automatically create workspaces)
• Personalised team members onboarding
• Add header code & footer code for custom domains
• Performance highly improved
• Speed & usability improvements across Montera
• UX adapted for teams with 5,000+ workspaces
• Search across all workspaces, by task lists, tasks, documents, files
• Team billing usage — See how many seats you're using and how much storage has been allocated.

Alpha V4

Montera lets you now start a tasks list from a template or create your own templates that you can use across workspaces. Besides lists, you can even create workspace templates that will automatically import your chat groups, your tasks lists and your docs & files.

15 May 2019
1. Custom Fields
• Customise your task lists by adding custom fields
• 9 type of custom fields (text, options, checkbox, email, website, currency, number, phone, date)
• Rearrange, show or hide the fields for your task list

2. Tasks Lists Templates
• Start with a template from Montera that includes the best practices across 9 industries
• Create your own template and share it with the workspace, or with the whole team
• Import the tasks from your template

3. Workspace Templates
• Create a workspace from a template and get the task lists, docs & files automatically imported

4. Tree-View Notifications for Workspaces
• You can see now a small bullet notification per workspaces, tasks, lists, folders, files, docs
• See what pages have a newer version in a very usable way

5. Star Workspaces
• See the starred workspaces on top so you can easier access them

7. Bugs and Improvements
• [Bug] Calendar was showing today date for all months
• [Bug] Archived workspaces was showing the notifications
• [Bug] Notifications remained after a user has been deleted from a workspace
• [Improvement] Better view for creating task lists and managing its statuses, its colors
• [Improvement] Saved just now panel each time a task has been updated, doc has been updated, invoice has been updated.
• [Improvement] You get now a notification if someone is editing on the same page as your
• [Improvement] You get now a notification if someone has edited the page your are on
• [Improvement] The notifications now are real-time
• [Improvement] The tasks are now counted per category so you can see the total above
• [Improvement] The title in browser is now more specific on some pages like tasks, docs, folders
• [Improvement] Better UX for mobile chat

Major v.3.2.0

5 Apr 2019
1. One-time Invoices
• Issue unlimited invoices to everyone within a workspace
• Get paid by card or by bank transfer
• Simple generated PDFs
• Smart invoice reference number system
• Enable reminders when is due soon or overdue

2. Recurring Invoices
• Setup a frequency and the one-time invoices will automatically be generated
• Set the ending to never or to a limited number of occurrences

3. Recurring Auto-Payment Invoices
• Automatically generated invoices
• Get paid automatically via card

4. Watchers
• Make the tasks list visible to everyone or manually select the members
• Select the members who will see the notifications related to a specific document
• Select the members who will see a one-time invoice or a recurring invoice

5. Bugs and Improvements
• [Bug] Selecting a date wasn't working properly for some timezones
• [Improvement] Creating a task sometimes was slow
• [Improvement] Better UX for tasks lists
• [Improvement] Better UX for mobile chat
• [Improvement] Smart auto-assign for docs and tasks

Alpha v.3.1.0

12 Mar 2019
• The whole platform is now focused on the Workspaces.
• You can now customise your workspaces by adding or removing Add-ons. Right now, the only available add-ons are Chat, Tasks, Docs & Files and Invoices, but we plan on developing this area in the future and we are also looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.
• We chose to remove the “Dashboard” section since it didn’t have any practical value.
• The platform will remember your last visited tab on each workspace.
• The platform will remember your last tasks view, list or board.

• You can now create multiple lists of tasks within the same workspace.
• You can also customise the task statuses on each list.
• We've improved the tasks board view to reduce clutter. The tasks only show details as "due date", "priority" and "assignees" if they are already set.
• The "My Tasks" section got a facelift. You can now sort tasks based on Workspace, Priority, and Due Date. You can also search for a certain task, workspace, or list using the search bar.

• You can now organise your files and documents using Folders.
• The Add-on also gets a new name “Docs & Files”
• We’ve changed the text editor for documents with a better version.

• The notifications will be grouped based on task so no more duplicate notifications from the same task.
• The “Activity” tab is getting a new name as well: “Notifications”
• You will be able to clear all your notifications or go through them and clear them one by one.
• You can now set the frequency you get emails about new notifications. By default this is set at 5 minutes.

• We felt that our current pricing plans were a bit restrictive for some of our users so we’ve got rid of the pricing tiers and implemented a fixed price per workspace.
• The new workspace price will be $15 per workspace per month and it will include our most valued feature, the white-label option.
• You will be charged at the end of the month based on how many active workspaces you had in the current month. If you are only going to use a workspace for 10 days, you will only be charged for 10 days and not for the whole month.
• Also, no more 14-days free trial. Every company gets one, free forever, workspace.
• There will be an option to remove the Montera branding completely for an additional charge of $5 per month per workspace. This also applies to the free forever workspace.

• You get the option to customise the whole platform for you and your clients. Change colours, add your own logo, domain, and even a sender name and email for notifications.

• All transferred data will be hashed and encrypted for a more secure and private workflow.
• The fastest and most reliable real-time engine is implemented across the whole platform.

• We've added a new section called "Help Center" where you can find useful articles about different functionalities on Montera.
• You can also use this section to "Submit a Ticket", "Report a Bug" or "Request a Feature".
• This section will only be visible to you and your team. Your guests won't see this section.

Minor v.2.3.2

21 Dec 2018
• Server CPU & Memory increased by 4 times
• Activity notifications problem fixed across more companies
• Private workspace is automatically updated anytime somebody joins the company
• Small bug fixed when joining and leaving a company

Minor v.2.3.1

17 Dec 2018
• All workspaces visible to Company Admins — You can join any workspace by yourself

Major v.2.3.0

17 Dec 2018
• 1 Free Company Workspace — You can create one in the Workspaces tab
• Create or join more companies — You can now use one account to manage workspaces from more companies
• Create editable & shareable documents within a workspace

• Deleting a doc in some cases was not working

Minor v.2.2.2

12 Dec 2018
• Activity notifications improved
• Tasks usability improvements
• Bug fixed when moving a recurring task to closed

Minor v.2.2.1

7 Dec 2018
• Chat & comments usability improvements
• Overall speed improved
• Security within a workspace
• Activity notifications changed to at least 5 minutes delay
• Improved content for some activity notifications

Alpha v.2.2.0

3 Dec 2018
• Recurring Tasks
• Search Feature with “Workspaces” tab.
• Activity Notification Panel
• Introducing “Watchers” on Tasks
• You can now Archive unlimited workspaces
• Tasks have their own link, you can share now each one
• Chat message area and task comment area now automatically expands

• Tasks Usability and UI Improvements
• Chat Improvements
• Email Deliverability Improved.
• Email Preferences Upgraded

• Several bugs have been fixed when assigning different members and roles.
• Closed tasks appeared in “My Tasks” section.

Along with everything else, we’ve restructured our plans, giving you more space to work with clients.
The Solo plan gets 2 more active workspaces (now 5).
The Studio plan gets 5 more active workspaces (now 15).
The Agency plan gets 10 more workspaces (now 50).

Major v.1.5.0

16 Nov 2018
• Realtime Chat
• Tasks UI Changed
• Edit task within a modal

• Overall flow improved
• UI adapted for smaller devices
• Mobile UI highly optimised

• Chat groups delete problem
• Drag and drop problem on tasks
• Tasks page too slow if too many

Alpha v.1.0.0

3 Sep 2018

First version released, invite-only. See some drafts we've made until we reached to the final UI 😋:

New version of this page is available
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