Minor v.2.3.2

21 Dec 2018

• Server CPU & Memory increased by 4 times
• Activity notifications problem fixed across more companies
• Private workspace is automatically updated anytime somebody joins the company
• Small bug fixed when joining and leaving a company

Minor v.2.3.1

17 Dec 2018

• All workspaces visible to Company Admins — You can join any workspace by yourself

Major v.2.3.0

17 Dec 2018

• 1 Free Company Workspace — You can create one in the Workspaces tab
• Create or join more companies — You can now use one account to manage workspaces from more companies
• Create editable & shareable documents within a workspace

• Deleting a doc in some cases was not working

Minor v.2.2.2

12 Dec 2018

• Activity notifications improved
• Tasks usability improvements
• Bug fixed when moving a recurring task to closed

Minor v.2.2.1

7 Dec 2018

• Chat & comments usability improvements
• Overall speed improved
• Security within a workspace
• Activity notifications changed to at least 5 minutes delay
• Improved content for some activity notifications

Alpha v.2.2.0

3 Dec 2018

• Recurring Tasks
• Search Feature with “Workspaces” tab.
• Activity Notification Panel
• Introducing “Watchers” on Tasks
• You can now Archive unlimited workspaces
• Tasks have their own link, you can share now each one
• Chat message area and task comment area now automatically expands

• Tasks Usability and UI Improvements
• Chat Improvements
• Email Deliverability Improved.
• Email Preferences Upgraded

• Several bugs have been fixed when assigning different members and roles.
• Closed tasks appeared in “My Tasks” section.

Along with everything else, we’ve restructured our plans, giving you more space to work with clients.
The Solo plan gets 2 more active workspaces (now 5).
The Studio plan gets 5 more active workspaces (now 15).
The Agency plan gets 10 more workspaces (now 50).

Major v.1.5.0

16 Nov 2018

• Realtime Chat
• Tasks UI Changed
• Edit task within a modal

• Overall flow improved
• UI adapted for smaller devices
• Mobile UI highly optimised

• Chat groups delete problem
• Drag and drop problem on tasks
• Tasks page too slow if too many

Alpha v.1.0.0

3 Sep 2018

First version released, invite-only. See some drafts we've made until we reached to the final UI 😋: