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Top challenges of working with an Agency
Limited understanding of company strategy & history
Project management
Performance tracking
Limited ability to integrate channels, campaigns & technologies
Movement from strategic to tactical execution
Lack of innovative ideas
Lack of practical ideas

The Montera Way
Montera is a platform designed to solve these problems by implementing the workflow of workspaces. It lets you organise and manage your work so that you can scale and create long-term relationships with your clients.
Give full attention to all your clients and never missing anything out.
Let your customers know about your plans and collaborate on the go.
Minimize the risk that you’ll struggle to keep on top of all clients.
Minimize the risk of time management struggles.
Delegate and let your team and your client manage the workload.
One of the leading challenges to working with advertising agencies is communication.
Customers have a limited understanding of company’s strategy and history.
It can be tough to juggle multiple clients emails and phone calls
Time management can be a struggle, and growth depends on finding ways to get client work done more efficiently without sacrificing quality.
Efficiency is key, so agencies can carve out time from their busy schedules for client prospecting.

[The best agencies] are transparent up front in their sales cycle about everything from their capabilities to their deliverables and the teams who will work with the client. At the end of the day, it’s about relationships, and all great, successful long-term relationships are built upon adjusting and shifting during the challenging times.

Full Suite of Montera

1 $500k worth of software
branded for your agency. Calculate
2 Unlimited workspaces. Pricing
3 Workspace-based smart notifications.
4 Weekly updates and improvements.
5 Ninja-type support (5 minutes average).

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