Montera – Future of Teamwork

Bring your team together in a central place, where everyone is on the same page, collaboration flows, and things run smoothly.

Montera is a central place for work, no matter what industry your are in.
It's a technology-driven platform to fully sustain your work requirements, from discussing with your collaborators to setting up any day-to-day processes you might need.

Take teamwork to the next level.
Try Montera for 30 days:

Digitize your workflow and improve efficiency.
Create your own day-to-day processes.
Give full attention to all your collaborators.
Minimize the risk of time management struggles.
Simplify and centralise around Montera.
Replace Montera branding with your own.

See how it works

Create your own workflow and setup your own processes,
so you can focus on the things that matter

Designed to reduce busywork

Four advanced add-ons, customisable per workspace.
More coming soon... Request an add-on

One central place to communicate with your team and your guests.
Replaces Slack, Messenger, Email
Organize and prioritize your tasks in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way.
Replaces Asana, Trello, ClickUp
Docs & Files
Bring your files together, accessible by anyone, any time, anywhere.
Replaces Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive
Issue one-time or recurring invoices that can easily be paid by card or bank transfer.
Replaces HelloBonsai, Chargebee, Wave Accounting

Full Suite of Montera

Suitable for every size, no matter what industry your are in

1 $500k worth of software
branded for your agency.
2 Unlimited workspaces.
3 Workspace-based smart notifications.
4 Weekly updates and improvements.
5 Ninja-type support (5 minutes average).
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