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How it works

How it works — Montera

1. Create your Montera account

Setup your company account and create a workspace for each of your clients.

2. Invite your Team

Invite your team on Montera and assign them to the designated client workspace.

3. Invite your Clients

Get your client on-board and start enjoying a premium collaboration experience.

Supercharged Client Communication

Communicate with your client and your team privately or in fully customisable group chats. Have something private to discuss, create a new group or send that person a private message.

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Supercharged Client Communication — Montera Supercharged Client Communication — Montera
Transparent Project Management — Montera

Transparent Project Management

Forget about old and rusty project management tools that have to be integrated with all your other softwares. Work together with your client and increase your overall efficiency and transparency.

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Secure Document Storage

Contracts, invoices, drafts, or important documentation? Securely upload them in your workspace and find them with ease whenever you need them.

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Secure Document Storage — Montera
Integrated Billing & Payment System — Montera

Integrated Billing & Payment System

Create invoices, add your bank details or connect your Stripe account to accept credit card payments through our platform. Track your total revenue your revenue per client, and any outstanding amount that has to be paid.

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Intelligent Email Notifications

Get important updates whenever someone did something that you need to know about, increasing your overall speed and delivery rate.

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Intelligent Email Notifications — Montera

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